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New York City can get some pretty nasty weather in the course of a typical year, including some violent nor’easter storms that hit in winter, and maybe even a hurricane which travels all the way up the Atlantic Coast. All this weather takes a toll on buildings, roadways, and sidewalks, and it can shorten the life span of even a well-made sidewalk in your neighborhood. If you’re a business owner, you definitely don’t want to see the sidewalk in front of your establishment begin to crumble or crack, because that can lead to a DOT violation.

DOT Sidewalk Violations

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for public roadways and walkways, and when it becomes aware that your sidewalk is in need of repairs, it will immediately contact you. This is generally in the form of a warning which encourages you to make repairs that will cause the sidewalk to be safe again for pedestrians.

You will generally have 45 days to comply with this warning, and it definitely behooves you to take it seriously, and make whatever repairs have been specified in the warning. If you ignore this warning, you could be fined, and a persistent ignorance of the situation might even land you in jail. In some cases, the DOT will pay for having the work done, and then charge you a much higher fee for that work.

Repairs and New Sidewalks by Native Sidewalk Repair NYC

When you receive a warning from the DOT about the condition of your sidewalk, you should contact us immediately at Native Sidewalk Repair NYC. You can of course, also be pro-active and notify us when you yourself observe any unsafe developments on your sidewalk. One of our representatives can be at your location promptly, and make a professional diagnosis on whether repairs can safely be carried out, or if an entirely new section of sidewalk should be installed.

We can also install retaining walls to hold soil back, if you have a situation at your establishment that requires a retaining wall. Professional installation like this will ensure that over time, your soil will not be eroded or begin to slip downward in response to gravity and other natural forces. We specialize in all kinds of masonry services as well, such as laying brick or stone, installing flagstones or pavers, and stone masonry work. We can provide an attractive new look for your residential yard or your place of business.

NYC Sidewalk Repair Experts

A sidewalk offers pedestrians a safe pathway to walk, jog, push a stroller and sometimes ride a bike. But sidewalks in New York City especially, will often settle or heave over time creating breaks and an uneven surface. Left unattended, these breaks can produce a trip hazard for owners, residents or guests visiting your property. Don’t let these trip hazards become an unwanted liability – Let our experts help your with repairs quickly and efficiently.

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Why Choose Native Sidewalk Repair NYC?

Of course, you could choose someone else to have your sidewalk repairs or new sidewalk installed. We at Native Sidewalk Repair NYC have all the proper licensing and certifications for performing these types of tasks. We also have years of experience in helping business owners and private citizens comply with DOT warnings, and in carrying out optional repair work. We have the right tools, the right attitude, and the right skills to do a great job every time, and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Why trust your sidewalk repairs to anyone else?


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