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Behind New York City, Buffalo, and Rochester, Yonkers is the fourth most populous city in the state of New York, and this means that pedestrians are constantly trekking down city sidewalks, on their way to shopping areas, work places, and other destinations. All that foot traffic can amount to significant wear and tear on the sidewalks, and then there’s the weather which also contributes to degrading them.

Strong storms will sweep up the Atlantic Coast at times, bringing wind and rain, and sometimes even flooding caused by the waters of the Atlantic creeping inland. Even the typical freezing and thawing cycles of winter and early spring are strong contributors to damage cause to sidewalks, because they cause expansion and contraction of the concrete, which eventually leads to cracking and possibly chunks falling out. Whenever damage like this occurs to Yonkers sidewalks, it should be addressed right away before it has a chance to worsen into a significant hazard for pedestrians.

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We offer a number of other services as well to our Yonkers clients, most of which are related to the same kind of work with concrete, masonry, brick, and stone. We can also repair any curbs which have been damaged in your area, and we are experts at installing retaining walls which you might need to prevent soil erosion on your site, or to provide an aesthetically pleasing area for flowers and shrubbery.

In every case, we will deliver the most professional results and the best customer service, because we recognize that our reputation and our livelihood depend on the good opinions of all our customers. You won’t find a sidewalk repair company in all of Yonkers which takes greater pride in the work we do, and which delivers outstanding results on every single job.

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The company you should contact for any kind of sidewalk repairs in Yonkers is Native Sidewalk Repair, because we have had years of experience handling both minor and major repairs, and we’ll always find the most cost-effective approach to fix your sidewalks. We are a company which is licensed and certified for sidewalk repairs in Yonkers, and that means you can have confidence that we will stand by our work, and we won’t be disappearing once we’ve been paid.

If you own a business in Yonkers and you’ve been hit with a DOT violation, you’ll have just 45 days to take some kind of remedial action to get the sidewalk fixed. We can be on your site promptly to diagnose exactly what kind of repairs will be needed, and then you can count on us to get the job done right, so you’ll have no further DOT issues. Our specialists are all well-trained, and have a great deal of knowledge and experience at carrying out these kinds of repairs, so you can be confident that we’ll take care of whatever sidewalk repairs must be made.

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