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Time for New Sidewalk for your Property?  Native Sidewalk Repair NYC!

Maybe the sidewalk in front of your home or business in New York City has seen better days. Perhaps you’ve been served with a DOT violation notice. Or maybe your old walkway is beyond repair. Whatever the reason, at Native Sidewalk Repair NYC, our mission is to provide you with only the highest quality new sidewalk at a price you can afford. Native Sidewalk Repair NYC makes your next sidewalk simple & affordable. We take the guesswork out of the entire process. When you contact one of our experts, we’ll answer all our questions and concerns and help you decide whether a new sidewalk is right for your building.

New Sidewalk

Reasons To Consider New Sidewalk Installation

When you’re faced with a damaged sidewalk, there are times when you can get away with just patching it or repairing it, but how do you know when it’s time for a completely new thoroughfare? While there are many factors to consider, here are some of the most common reasons you might need a new one:

  • You’re building a new property
  • Your sidewalk is irreparably damaged
  • Your existing walkway isn’t wheelchair accessible
  • You want to improve your residence’s or business’s curb appeal
  • You’re concerned about the safety of your customers
  • You need to update your footpath to a modern concrete sidewalk
  • You’re refinancing or selling your property
  • You want to prevent DOT sidewalk violations

Bottom line, NYC law states that property owners are responsible for the sidewalk in front of their property. If yours is damaged, inadequate, or you just want to make major improvements, then a new sidewalk is something to consider. That’s where we come in.

So, Why Choose Us Over the Competition?

  1. Our quotes are always free
  2. We offer 24-hour sidewalk repair services
  3. We guarantee our work
  4. We have years of experience offering new sidewalk installation throughout NYC
  5. We’re fully licensed and insured sidewalk contractors

At Native Sidewalk Repair NYC, we take pride in our work and in providing you with the best walkway and high-quality customer service.

Our Services Go Beyond New Sidewalks

Besides new footpaths, walkways, and sidewalks, our contractors offer other related services throughout NYC and beyond, including:

  • Sidewalk Replacement
  • Sidewalk Patch Work
  • Uneven Sidewalk Repair
  • DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal

Your Complete Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Goal

From the largest sidewalk replacement project down to the tiniest sidewalk repair job, we make it our mission to ensure every property owner gets only the highest quality work and the utmost customer care.

When it’s time for a new walkway, the sidewalk professionals at Native Sidewalk Repair NYC can’t be beaten! Call us to schedule your free consultation today!

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