Sidewalk Patch Work

Avoid Costly Major Repairs Down the Road with Sidewalk Patch Work

If you’ve started to notice the sidewalk in front of your property is showing signs of damage, there’s no need to panic. A crack or other minor issue doesn’t mean you need to shell out loads of cash on costly repairs, a new sidewalk, or complete sidewalk replacement. In many instances, sidewalk patch work from the experts at Native Sidewalk Repair NYC is all that’s required to get your New York City walkways back in shape.

Don’t wait until minor sidewalk damage becomes major. There’s no reason to wait for small cracks to become big ones, or for the city to demand you fix a problem thoroughfare. Before things get out of hand, call on the sidewalk patch work professionals at Native Sidewalk Repair NYC. We pride ourselves on providing you with affordable solutions to all your sidewalk problems. From sidewalk patch work to sidewalk replacement to DOT sidewalk violation removal, you can count on us to provide the right solution for your NYC home or business. Call us today!

Sidewalk Patch Work

How Do I Know if Sidewalk Patch Work Will Work for Me?

While patching damage to your property’s sidewalks might not be appropriate for every type of problem, it can be the ideal solution for the following:

  • Sidewalk discoloration
  • Missing pieces of sidewalk
  • Uneven slopes in walkways
  • Cracked sidewalks
  • Broken areas of sidewalk

In most cases, if the damage is to only a small area of the sidewalk adjacent to your building, you can contact us, and we can patch it quickly. Plus, this type of minor repair work costs a lot less than replacing your entire walkway.

Reasons Patching Your Sidewalk Makes Sense

You might think it isn’t worth it to fix small amounts of damage. But there are several reasons why you should consider it.

  • Improved pedestrian safety
  • Increases in property value
  • Better curb appeal

And while fixing minor issues might seem like avoiding the inevitable, it actually means you can postpone major repairs to your footpaths by extending the life of your sidewalk now.

  • Patch work extends the overall lifetime of your existing sidewalks
  • Patching a walkway is less expensive than replacing it or making major repairs
  • Sidewalk patchwork is quick and causes less disruption than a major sidewalk repair.

Why You Should Care About Minor Sidewalk Damage

Keeping your sidewalks well-maintained now might seem unnecessary, but there’s another compelling reason to fix even minor damage. The law states that property owners are responsible for all sidewalks adjacent to their property. The DOT inspects sidewalks for problems and issues violations. Furthermore, you only have 75 days to repair violations. That’s a compelling reason to get proactive and repair smaller damage before it’s noticed by the city.

Not only will you save money by not having to invest in major repairs, but you will also avoid paying hefty fines. Plus, if someone gets injured as a result of falling due to your damaged walkway, you could be found liable for all sorts of damages. That’s why it makes sense to patch minor sidewalk problems now.

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